G – Investment Vocabulary

General Obligation Bonds (GOs): Bonds secured by the pledge of the municipal issuer’s full faith and credit, which usually includes unlimited taxing power. General Property Taxes: Taxes that are placed on real estate and personal property.
Ginnie Mae: Trade name for the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA). Good Delivery: A security that meets all the requirements of the stock exchange for delivery to a banker when the security is sold.
Good-Faith Check: The check that must be included with a bid on a bond sale. Usually, if the bonds are awarded to a syndicate that does not pick them up as agreed, the good-faith check is kept. The good-faith checks of unsuccessful bidders are returned.
Good `till Canceled (GTC) Order: An order for securities that may be limited in terms of price but not in terms of time.
Government Bonds: Securities issued by the federal government; they are obligations of the US. Treasury. Also known as “governments.”
Gross Debt: The sum total of a debtor’s obligations.
Gross Yield: The percentage of return on a security, determined by dividing the dollar price into the annual interest payment and calculating the return to maturity. Also, the return on an investment before deduction of costs.
Guaranteed Bond: A bond in which repayment is guaranteed by someone other than the debtor.