Fabled Heroes


Description:Welcome to the world of Fabled Heroes Awaken your fabled heroes and embark on a new adventure with Fabled Heroes.1. Build and grow your Tavern- Variety of exciting and different features for each floor of Pub, Forge, Training Camp, Bakery and more!2. Scenario Mode- A number of quests with a robust story-line for you to fulfill your destiny- 5 different dungeons with 45 levels across 3 difficulties for each dungeon3. Arena system- Select your 5 strongest fabled heroes and prepare 5v5 combat- 2 different types of PvP arenas- Battle every 5 weeks in campaigns for the top spot4. Transcend and Fuse your Heroes- Want to become stronger and look more awesome while doing it?- Try transcending your fabled heroes5. Explore the uncharted land- Send your heroes out into the wilderness to collect all kinds of resources and materials- Use these materials for everything your tavern has to offer6. Key features- Battle, Arena, Heroes, War, Action, Magic, Forge, ARPG, RPG, Team, Explore, Epic, Fantasy, Dungeon, Enhance, Upgrade, Enhance, World, Clash, Create, Alliance, Fable, Tavern, Duel, Monsters, Avatar, Kingdom, Storyline, Summoner



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