Description:Lost for opinion? Pickapik is your solution!Posting 1 to 4 pictures in one post where your friends and family can vote for their favourite one, helping you solve your dilemma.When you post 1 picture your followers can select the YES or the NO button. But when You choose to post 2,3 or even 4 pictures your followers can select their favourite one and Pickapik will provide instant statistics reflecting people’s opinion, pretty cool, right?Wonder what our special features are- Adding filters to pictures- Tagging Pickapik users- Tagging your location- Inviting friends who don’t follow you to view your post- Having a private account so only the users you accept will help you solve your dilemmas- Cropping your pictures- Selecting pictures from your library…We have also added a Leadership board where you can earn PIKS (virtual points) based on your activities on the app. Challenge your friends to make it to the top!!!Ready for more?Well.. Ever had more than 1 account on a social network? Yeah, we thought so.Because we think of every detail and want your best interest in mind when you use Pickapik.You can now add multiple accounts in the settings page, and switch between accounts just with a tap.Still not convinced that you need Pickapik?If you ever feel you need people’s opinion on something but don’t want to share it with all your followers, you can send private posts so that only the Pickapik users you have chosen will be able to share their opinion.



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