Soul of Heroes : Empire Wars

Soul of Heroes : Empire Wars – Download Now!

Description:UNITE THE SOULS!An all-new mobile EPIC RPG experience with immersive tactical strategies alongside fast paced hero growth to keep you going!Play as memorable hero characters from different cultures from around the world and history!An immensely engaging storyline that will take you into an epic battle for the Alliance! ■■■■■ GAME FEATURES ■■■■■▶▶ Graphics and Gameplay◀◀Stunning 3D graphics combined with intense battle gameplay that will keep the action endless!▶▶Multitude of Collectable Heroes ◀◀Create your own party by collecting exclusive heroes from various cultural and historical backgrounds from a Tanker, Gladiator, Magician, Hunter, Conqueror, and more!▶▶ Fast Paced Hero Growth ◀◀Never be slowed down by tactically placing your heroes into battle as they rapidly grow!▶▶Immense Variety of Battle Styles ◀◀Challengeable contents where you can experience diversifying patterns of battle within various backgrounds and scenarios ▶▶ Strategic Alliance Battle ◀◀Unite with powerful Alliance members and join together to create the world’s Greatest Alliance!