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Description:Listen to 100,000 LIVE FM and Internet radio stations from around the world for FREE with Akazoo – the best mp3 radio streamer and player from Google Play. The Akazoo app gives you access to popular music, and it offers access to sports, news, talk radio, and other programming. Download Akazoo to your cell phone or mobile device, and listen to Top 10 and Top 100 hits, new songs, and more. Create albums and playlists, discover music and programming by genre, and even get station recommendations.Access Live Programming With the Akazoo app from Google Play, you can listen to thousands of live FM and Internet radio stations from all over the country – for FREE! Want to find the best local radio stations – or stations in major music markets like Austin and Los Angeles? Download Akazoo to your cell phone or mobile device to locate them. The Akazoo free mp3 streamer and player lets you find and listen to Top 10 and Top 100 songs, live music radio programming (including trending and new programs), and even sports, talk radio, and news programming. Discover ProgrammingAkazoo helps you find the categories of music and radio programming you want to listen to. Listen to songs and radio stations over your cell phone or mobile device’s Internet connection – or a Wi-Fi connection – and then create playlists and albums based on your favorites and preferences.Use Akazoo to browse radio stations and podcasts based on genres, themes, and categories, or discover new music using a local or worldwide search. Get recommended stations based on your listening history too!Collect and ShareThe Akazoo music player lets you save and follow your favorite radio stations for quick access on your cell, mobile device, or PC. Your recently played stations are easily available at the touch of a finger.Share the music you love through SMS, Facebook, Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp, or Hangouts. Akazoo isn’t just an mp3 streamer, it’s a social app that allows you to talk about the Top 10, Top 100, and new music you’re enjoying with friends and family.CategoriesThe Akazoo music player and downloader lets you listen to, and make playlists of, songs in the following major music categories and more:ContemporaryAlternative RockAmbientChildren s ChristmasCountryEasy ListeningElectronicIndie RockJazzPopReggaeRockSoulDownload Akazoo to play sports, local news, political news, and entertainment news programming too!