Future warfare technology is featured for the first time in Black Ops II, which is also the first Call of Duty game to offer branching storylines that are driven by player choices and allow players to choose their weaponry before starting story mode missions.
- Employ Scorestreaks Wisely:
Scorestreaks are a fantastic technique to have the upper hand in combat. Make sure you employ them wisely and at the appropriate moment.
- Focus on headshots: These are the fastest and most effective approach to eliminate opponents. It will help you gain points if you can get a few consecutive headshots.
- Pay Attention to Your Weapon: Every weapon and attachment has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Pay close attention to each weapon and select the ones that most closely match your preferred playing style.
-Use Cover: Cover is your best ally. When you can, always try to hide under cover; it will keep you safe and let you flank your adversaries.
-The map is your best buddy, so use it. You will have a significant tactical advantage in battle if you know where the adversaries are located on the map and the paths they are travelling.
- Utilize Perks Wisely: Choose the Perks that best fit your play style because they can give you an advantage in combat.
- Play the Objective: The greatest method to win is to play the objective. You'll score points and have greater long-term success if you keep your attention on the goal.
- Know Your Enemy: You can get a significant tactical advantage in warfare by researching your adversary's tactics and moves. The better, the more information you have on your foe.

The Call of Duty campaign The events of the first Black Ops are set in the year 2025 in Black Ops II. You take on the role of David Mason, Alex Mason's son and the game's original protagonist.
In order to stop the international terrorist organization known as Cordis Die, you are dispatched on missions to infiltrate and kill opposing groups. 

There are many different game modes available in Call of Duty Black Ops II's multiplayer, including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Free-for-All, and Search and Destroy.
By gaining XP and raising your rank, you can access new weapons, attachments, and benefits. Also, there are numerous maps available, ranging from tiny close-up maps to big open maps.    

The Zombies mode from Black Ops II pits up to four players against never-ending waves of the undead. To fend off the attack, you can pick from a variety of weaponry and construct defenses. More weapons, perks, and upgrades can be unlocked as you advance through the waves. Several maps with various gameplay variations are included in the Zombies mode as well.     

Black Ops II includes a brand-new game mode called Extinction. Similar to Zombies, however instead of battling the living dead, you'll be up against alien foes.
To advance, you must defend your base from the alien assault and accomplish a number of goals. When you accomplish goals, you'll get access to new